Turbomaster Boss & Blizzard
Operation Combination Mach Road


For me Turbomasters Cars don't present as much attraction as the Predator Jets. The Predators are breaking new ground by *finally* giving the Decepticons smaller jets whereas the Turbomasters are just another set of smaller Autobot cars - though to be fair they're larger than the Minibots and Throttlebots and getting on for the size of some smaller G1 cars from the first two years

I'll summarise what's common to all four of the smaller Turbomasters before we start:

* All come with a missile launcher and three yellow missiles - one in the weapon while the other two mount on the car/robot via a slit in the side of the missile
* All have pink clear plastic forming their windscreens, front headlights, part of their missile launcher and a lightpipe powering the eyes.
* All have hidden robot parts cast in blue - this colour is also used to form most of the rest of the launcher with the exception of the trigger & a ring around the barrel which are the colour of the rest of the vehicle.
* All have silver faces.

I'm going to start with Boss, mainly because I've got something to really say about this toy.

Boss is a blue (tending to grey) sports car with a large turbine on the front formed from the missile launcher - think 80's/90's Batmobile and you won't be far off. There's a spoiler at the rear of the vehicle into which the missiles plug. The turbine at the front pivots up and the missile can be fired forward. He's the only Turbomaster to mount his missile at the front of the car.

TF: Remove the launcher from the front of the car - it's held in by two pins that extend out the sides of the launcher. Fold the rear of the car back & down to form the legs which face downwards. Rotate at the waist 180 degrees so the legs face up. Bend down the sides of the front of the car which would have been next to the missile launcher. Rotate the chest panel 180 degrees so the windscreen points toward the feet. Fold the head out from within the back - using a lever to help you might be a good idea - and place the launcher in his hands.

The resulting robot reveals the darker blue robot parts mentioned above including one of the very best paint for plastic matches I've ever seen with the section of upper arm revealed having been painted over blue plastic. The head is a very familiar visored form with antennae to each side. If this isn't bringing a particular G1 character to mind well see bellow..... The arms raise at the shoulders till they are pointing out in front of him. If you examine the hands it appears as if the fist moulding is upside down and on the wrong arm.

In some European countries Boss was sold under the name Blizzard. Boss was sold in Japan as Mach Road in the Operation Combination TF-09 VS pack with Flare Jet (Snare)

I think Boss has been the victim of one of Hasbro's periodic muck ups at the factory

1) The name by itself implies leadership.
2) Skydive's Megavisor data slide shows Boss in red
3) Snare - his VS partner - looks bad in red.
4) That head sculpt .....

I think Boss aught to be Optimus Prime. Swap the light blue for red and he's a dead ringer. Stick the light blue onto Snare and he looks better as a jet. Confronted by a factory muck up Hasbro did the best they could and gave him a new name. Sillier things have happened (See Sideswipe/Sunstreaker and Universe Ransack amongst others). So what I'm after now is for someone to custom me one up !

Overall: Decent as it is, even better if they'd have got the colours right !

Future Repaints

The obvious Optimus Prime one outlined above would look even better if you chuck in swapping the clear pink for clear blue. Then you're into a whole world of Ultra Magnus and Scourge/Nemesis Prime colours. Come to think of it Scourge/Nemesis Prime would look rather decent since the vehicle mode would be even more like the Batmobile.Bundle em all up with the G1 jet repaints of Predator Talon and you've got a winning convention set I think.

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