Transformers Flash
Operation Combination Spin Road


For me Turbomasters Cars don't present as much attraction as the Predator Jets. The Predators are breaking new ground by *finally* giving the Decepticons smaller jets whereas the Turbomasters are just another set of smaller Autobot cars - though to be fair they're larger than the Minibots and Throttlebots and getting on for the size of some smaller G1 cars from the first two years

I'll summarise what's common to all four of the smaller Turbomasters before we start:

* All come with a missile launcher and three yellow missiles - one in the weapon while the other two mount on the car/robot via a slit in the side of the missile
* All have pink clear plastic forming their windscreens, front headlights, part of their missile launcher and a lightpipe powering the eyes - also common to both larger Turbomasters.
* All have hidden robot parts cast in blue - this colour is also used to form most of the rest of the launcher with the exception of the trigger & a ring around the barrel which are the colour of the rest of the vehicle - this colour is also used on both larger Turbomastesrs.
* All have silver faces.

Flash is a red sportscar - the front and passenger compartment are similar to Sideswipe whereas the sides have the same set of horizontal flats as seen on Action Master Wheeljack's Turboracer. The back of the car is flat - almost pickup truck style, except for two (painted) blue fins that stick up. There's a peg hole on this flatbed into which his Turbomaster launcher can be plugged so it faces forward, Two more small fins, this time in red, point out the side of the car for you to mount two of his yellow turbomaster missiles on. The passenger compartment and doors are moulded in clear pink plastic with red paint over the top - another very good match with the plastic - see Boss.

TF: remove the missile launcher. Fold the back of the car back 180 degrees to form the lower legs and fold the front of the car forward 90 degrees. Stand. Pull each door out to the sides and back, then fold forward 90 degrees. Fold the arms down from inside the doors and fold the head up.

Like all the other Turbomasters his articulation is a little limited with the arms swinging up to the side (as part of the TF) and bending at the elbows. The head has a face and a V shaped crest with an additional crest out of the top of the head in the pink plastic that forms the lightpipe. Most of the toy continues to be red save the upper limb, body and head which are the blue common to the other Turbomasters.

Perfectly adequate toy for the time, and probably the best of the four small Turbomasters.

Flash is one of a small number of Transformer toys to share his name with a GI Joe figure. He's not the only one released in 1992 to do so.

Flash was also available in Japan as Spin Road in the Operation Combination TF-06 two-pack with Dark Jet (Skydive)

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