Turbomaster Hurricane & Tempest
Operation Combination Checker Road


Hurricane is a white Le Mans style racer. I had a matchbox version of this when I was younger and it's the only car that I had that would go round the loop on my racing set. The Transformers version has a clear pink windscreen & headlights and two yellow Turbomasters missiles mounted either side of a large blue engine which itself acts as a missile launcher for a third missile.

Transformation: Unpeg the engine. Fold the rear of the vehicle back 180 degrees to form the legs. Pull the sides of the vehicle out to form the arms. Fold the front of the vehicle forward 180 degrees to form the chest. Fold the head up from the car window. Place the Turbomaster engine in his hand as a missile launcher.

Most of Hurricane's robot mode is white like the car but we've got some more of the blue revealed on the upper limbs and head. The head is lightpiped - a new innovation for 1992 - with the same pink plastic as the car's windscreen. At this point Hasbro are starting to improve the articulation on their toys so even though he's still a brick he's a brick with arms that turn at the shoulders and bend at the elbows.

Of the four Turbomaster cars he's probably the least interesting. But lightpipes, proper moving arms and decently sprung missile launchers were quite a revolution for the time.

Hurricane was sold in Europe in 1992 & 1993 where in some countries he was known as Tempest. In Japan he was sold in 1992's Operation Combination toyline where he was named Checker Road and available with Moon Jet (Predators Talon) in the set numbered TF-08.

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