Turbomaster Scorch & Dragon
Operation Combination Fireroad


Scorch is a pickup truck - very similar to the Toyota Hilux which serves as the basis for both Trailbreaker & Hoist. In fact in the Diaclone line there's a yellow version of Trailbreaker which looks quite similar to Scorch - see His Turbomaster engine sits in the space on top of his flatbed at the back of the truck - with it removed he looks better than several of the Turbomasters, but the flatbed is a little short for most pickups. The weapon tilts upwards slightly, so can be fired in vehicle mode, and has the pink rim at the back making it look like someone's stuck a dirty big rocket on him (which may be the intention for the Turbomaster Subgroup) Scorch's two spare missiles are stored on tabs above the rear wheel arches.

TF remove the weapon and set aside for later. Fold the flatbed back 180 degrees to form the lower legs and feet. Turn over &stand. Fold the front wheels down so they and the attached pieces of plastic stick out the front of the robot. Fold them back so they are beside the cab windows. Fold the cab and bonnet forward 90 degrees. Fold the bonnet down. Fold the head up from the back through the top of the cab. Fold the forearms down.

The Trailbreaker resemblance continues in robot mode with the cab and bonnet in the same configuration as can be found on the older toy. The head isn't dissimilar with a large visor - lightpiped in pink - but what it reminded me of the most was Armada Red Alert. With Wheeljack's ears. Articulation is a little lacking - the knees bend together as part of the TF and the elbows bend. The biggest problem I have with this toy are the shoulders - we have the body of the toy and then the arm is connected to the body by a strut running down to the hip. At no point is this strut anchored anywhere to the toy and especially not at the shoulder itself which creates a visible gap and as the hinge at the hip wears it means the arms flop about somewhat especially the one laden down with the gun.

And yet somehow the toy has character. I'm not sure quite what it is, possibly the Trailbreakerness showing through, but I like him loads.

Scorch was released in some European countries as Dragon - see for a picture of the tech spec featuring this name - and as Fireroad in Japan as part of the Operation Combination TF-07 2 pack with Shadowjet (Falcon)

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